GOAT - People of Paris

Liam Leslie documents the GOAT People of Paris campaign on the streets of Paris.

GOAT and PSG present ‘People of Paris,’ celebrating the new partnership between the global fashion platform and the iconic French club. ‘People of Paris’ kicks off the 2022-23 season with the athletes, fans and community of Paris. Featuring Ibrahim, Lionel, Maodo Malick, Christophe, Marco, Kleospatera, Andreas, Kylian, Marguerite, Thanh, Thilo, Ruddy, Claris, Gianluigi, Xavier, Maeva, Neymar Jr., Karthoum, Aldiouma, Sergio, Anna, Andreas, Achraf, Cloé, Ben, Nuno, Lamine, Matthias, Presnel and Natasha

Alexander McQueen Autumn/Winter 2022 women’s pre-collection

Liam Leslie captures the artists process, behind the scenes of the Alexander McQueen Autumn/Winter 2022 collection.

 To illustrate the fact that creativity emerges from countless perspectives, Alexander McQueen invites a group of twelve artists to express their individual working practices inspired by the Autumn/Winter 2022 women’s pre-collection. Each artist has chosen a look from the collection and responded to it through their preferred medium, engaging in a creative dialogue with the house. All have been given complete creative freedom resulting in a rich conversation between their work and the selected looks. 

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